Cooking out may be a big part of your warm weather routine and an outdoor kitchen is a great investment. The convenience of appliances within reach and a well designed outdoor living area to enjoy the fare has lasting value to your home.


A more simple space in design and nature than the kitchen but a great feature to add to your property for a more limited space or budget. These spaces are usually more popular and include a grill or smoker, some drawers and storage space.


A fully equipped outdoor kitchen can be a big investment, but one that is sure to add lasting value to your home. Our Professionals will help you select the best equipment, materials and layout for your needs. Appliances to consider are a grill and smoker, a pizza oven, side burners, griddles, sinks and bar centers, ice bins, refrigeration or wine cooler, storage drawers, waste and recycling bins.

Fireplaces & Fire Pits

The fireplace has long been a symbol of home and family life. As the centerpiece of your living room, or your back yard patio, nothing makes a cool evening more enjoyable than sitting by a crackling fire to keep you warm. No need to limit your time outdoors simply because the warm weather is gone. Create a social space for family and friends and gather around the outdoor fireplace or fire pit.

Water Features 

Water. The secret ingredient that has the power of transforming a beautiful landscape into one that breathes a life of its own. The soft quiet notes played by trickling water soothe and calm. A cascading fountain flows in the middle of your garden as song birds sit nearby. Children splashing, keeping cool and content as you enjoy their laughter. Water features create a new dimension to the landscape, inviting your interaction with the environment, and providing years of enjoyment for you and your family.

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